Browser Plug-In Development (IE, Firefox and Chrome) :

We provide customized web browser plug-in development to enhance any browser functionalities and enable your browser perform specific functions like viewing special graphic formats or playing multimedia files etc. We also design and develop compact add-on custom controls with Cross browser compatibility thereby enhancing the user experience by customizing user interfaces, brand promotion via custom toolbar, adding custom buttons, drop-down menus, auto login function, RSS reader, news, alerts, mails, weather updates, stock information, website search providing quick access to classifieds and much more.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network Application Development:

Peer-to-peer networking provides a robust networking infrastructure for developing peer-to-peer networking applications. P2P networks handle a very high volume of file sharing traffic by distributing the load across many computers. A pure peer-to- peer application has no central server as it has the ability to dynamically discover other peers on the network and interact with each other for sending or receiving content. A peer-to-peer application is different from the traditional client/server model because the applications involved act as both clients and servers enabling peers to find the data without relying on a centralized index serve which makes it fast and efficient.

Database Programming using MS SQL/Oracle:

Database is an integral part of any application, Jupsoft offers custom database development solutions to streamline and systematize the business processes. We provide comprehensive database solutions which include database architecting and data mining along with in-depth statistical reporting and RSS feeds across databases and XML.

API Programming (Device/Software):

Application Program Interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools for building a software application. The API allows users to write scripts and programs to automate virtual machine operations. The APIs is a high-level, easy to use, and practical for both scripters and application developers. APIs can be easily integrated to create innovative new applications by adding various functionalities or special customization features. A set of API packages can be used to develop custom GUIs as well as number of desktop capabilities can be customized including layout control, video embedded into an existing application, and start/stop audio, video and app share. Jupsoft focuses on understanding the needs beyond the basic functionality for each device. For example, device implementation code must enumerate and differentiate between multiple device instances plugged into the system at any time.

Jupsoft Advantage of MS System Application Development

  • Experienced team to work dedicatedly on your project.

  • 100% transparency, through-out project

  • Flexible hiring options.

  • Transparent communication throughout project development

  • 24 x 7 technical support and maintenance

  • Flexible hiring models

  • Maintain high confidentiality