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implementation strength                                     Ensure regular and on-time data entry
                                                            Understanding of process and matching with system
                            On-Site Coordinator             Customization of reports as per school formats
           System Study and Gap Analysis                    Initial data porting from excel for students, staff etc.
                                                            10 days integrated training programme
                                     Customization          Project roll out and feedback from the users
                                        Data Porting        Regular upgradations in the software
                                               Training     Frequent training on-site and online

                  Implementation & Reviews
                     Continuous upgradations

           Regular handholding & Training

Mobile App

Jupsoft eConnect mobile application is a smart tool and a
complete and comprehensive package which includes all
eConnect facilities at one point. Elegant and eye catching
features enable parents to get all information of their
wards instantly. They can easily view the photo gallery,
read notices, view the monthly planner, communicate with
teachers and do a lot more...

   Download available at:
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