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Why Jupsoft                           Prime Challenges faced by
                                           BY MANAGEMENT
Integrated Solutions
•	 Get access to full capabilities within  n	 Data Analysis for MIS
                                           n	 Data management
  30 days of the contract being            	 • Time • Cost • Availability • Errors • Security
  finalized                                n	 Timetable scheduling
•	 Manage student data and                 n	 Non-availability of meaningful reports
  academics through the easy-to-use        n	 Fee collection
  online system                            n	 CRM Management
•	 Improve transparency and
  accountability across your               BY STAFF
•	 Real-Time Reporting and Analytics       n	 Lots of transactions
  Anywhere                                 n	 Non accuracy of data
•	 Access to information on-the-go         n	 Loss of time in performing repetitive and clerical tasks
  with a mobile device                     n	 Unproductive time spent in preparing various reports
•	 Pay on an annual basis with no
  heavy upfront investment                 BY STUDENT/PARENT
•	 Attractive pricing that fits your
  budget                                   n	 Manual fee payment process
                                           n	 Unaware of homework
                                           n	 Unaware of performance in tests and progress
                                           n	 Unaware of academic, co-curricular and extra-

                                                 curricular activities of the child
                                           n	 Confidential communication with teachers regarding

                                                 the over-all development of the child is not possible
                                           n	 Unaware of child’s attendance

                                           BY TEACHERS

                                           n	 Result generation
                                           n	 Communication with parents/students
                                           n	 Attendance marking
                                           n	 Grade calculation
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