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our technical strength                              Developed on Microsoft Platform for more secure transactions

              Microsoft Dot Net Platform            Can be accessed anywhere through internet 24X7

      Anytime – Anywhere availability               Barcode, Biometics, Tally, Information Kiosk, website, apps, etc.

                                     Integrations   Can be accessed through Mobile, Tablet, i-Pad and Computer

               Supports Multiple Devices            Role based dashboard and modules access

                   Role based Dashboards            Documents can be scanned and uploaded

                  Ensures paperless office          Windows, Mac OS & Linux

                                 Supporting OS      Through excel sheets

                                    Data Porting    Easy access to previous year’s data in every module

                               Single Database     INFRASTRUCTURE: From Bare Minimum to Advanced ICT
Scalability                                        SCALE: From Rural to District to State to Country
                                                   LEVEL: Public (End Users), Institutions (Schools, Colleges,
USERS: From “1-N” users                            Universities), Administrative (Regulatory & Governing Bodies)
LOCATION: From one location to multi-location      NEEDS: Caters to the needs of an individual, throughout his
CULTURE: Every educational system of the           life-cycle
world including Schools, Colleges, Institutes and
CATEGORY: From Residential, Public Clusters
to Vocational, Technical, Medical, Agricultural
Pharmaceutical, etc
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