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cashless campus                                                    information Kiosk

ONLINE FEE PAYMENT                                            Self Service Kiosk can automate repetitive tasks, eliminate
                                                              paperwork, save human time and effort, improve life for
Now all fee related information and payment facility is       both students and teacher and distribute information in an
available at the click of the mouse. With eConnect, fees can  extremely efficient manner.
be paid online with real time receipt generation facility.
                                                              •	 Access eConnect Portal •	 Personalized course
                                                              •	 Looking up results    schedules, academic
A smart card is a payment card embedded with a computer
chip. Funds are pre-loaded onto the cards. The smart          •	 Printing out the      records and billing
card system can be used at books shop, stationery shop,
Cafeteria and uniforms shop at the campus.                    timetable                information for
Having an electronic wallet allows students
to shop safely, while funds can be added by                   •	 Notices for students  students
parents or rewarded by the school.
                                                              •	 Filling up forms,     •	 Provide students
                                                              applications             the latest news on
•	 Creative design as per
     institution theme                                        •	 Information on        education

•	 Responsive for different screen size                       administrative issues
•	 Fully Dynamic to update Images, Events, News, Inquiry etc
•	 Integrated with ERP                                        •	 Publishing news and
•	 SEO Friendly
•	 Google Map, Geotag of Schools                              events                           Interactive Kiosks are
•	 In-house team to maintain and update website                                      making an impact in schools
•	 Hosting on dedicated servers and 100% security of
                                                              GPS Enabled
                                                              •	 Real-time monitoring of

                                                                  transportation assets
                                                              •	 Improved conveyance

                                                              •	 Regular monitoring to prevent delays in bus arrivals
                                                              •	 Tracking the halt, speed and idle state of buses
                                                              •	 Tracking students on board the bus
                                                              •	 Dealing with unforseen situations
                                                              •	 Instant notifications to parents/guardians.
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